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  • How to Claim Gift Links...

    How to Claim Gift Links.
    This page will explain, in detail, how to claim the gift links
    and issues or problems you may face to getting links.

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    1. First, make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.
    2. Next, Go to the Gift Links Page, select an item, and click on a link. You will be redirected to Facebook.
    3. If you see "Gift Claimed Successfully!", Congrats - you have just claimed a free item!
    4. If you receive a different message, read "Collection Messages and Reasons" below for more info.
    Note 1: Some people have been experiencing a bug where you would claim items that don't show up in your inventory.  At the "Gift Claimed Successfully" page refresh the page until you see "You have already responded to this reward" - That will ensure that the item is in your inventory.

    Note 2: You can press Ctrl+click to open links in new tabs for faster collecting.
    Be sure to claim your Daily Rewards once every 24 hours!

    Gift Claimed Successfully
    "Gift Claimed Successfully!"
    Collection Messages and Reasons:

    You already responded to this reward
    Message: "You already responded to this reward."
    Reason: You have already clicked that link: Try another link!

    Sorry all rewards have been claimed
    Message: "Sorry, all rewards have been claimed."
    Reason:  That gift was collected the maximum amount of times: Try another link!

    Message: "Sorry, this reward has expired"
    Reason:  Reward Links expire after 72 hours: Try another link!

    you reached the collection limit
    Message: "Whoa, friend! You've reached the collection limit for now. Try again later"
    Reason:  You have reached your daily collection limit for that item:
    Try again tomorrow or try a different item!

    A note about the collection limit:
    Once you reach your Collection limit for claiming news feed items, you cannot claim any more for 18 hours!
    Each item has a set "claim amount" which can be collected before hitting your "collection limit".
    News feeds or gift links found online older than 18 hours DO NOT have a Claim Amount.
    All links on Castleville GIft Links have aged 18 hours and are Unlimited.

    You can read more about Claiming and Requesting Items
    For example: The collection limit for some items
    [per person every 18 hours]:
    Item Amount
    Gold Bricks 5
    Small Energy3 Potion 2
    Iron Pick 2
    Wood Club 3

    Castleville Gift Links Generals.
    • Gift Links expire in 72 hours [3 days] from the Date-Time Stamp on the Links.
    • Collection Limits are enforced for the first 18 hours. [Timezone is EST].
    • After 18 hours from link creation time, there is no collection limit.
    • Share Items with your friends that you get.
    • Join our Facebook fan page to stay up-to-date with all new posts!
    • Thanks and Enjoy.